I Love Melbourne

I Love Melbourne

I love my city. While I’m certainly a wanderer at heart and hope to trek the roads less travelled, I feel immensely blessed to be able to call Melbourne home.


Up until this year I haven’t had many opportunities to explore Melbourne and truly immerse myself in the culture of this amazing city. Living about an hour away it can often be quite a hike to get to, especially if you’re travelling in on the train.

Since I’ve begun study in the heart of Melbourne, I’ve been able to acquaint myself more with what this wonderful hub has to offer. As I’m studying tourism I’m about to gain an even broader insight into what makes Melbourne so distinctly unique.

On my recent class excursion I had the opportunity to take a Melbourne River Cruise along the Yarra River, and I arrived at the city a little bit earlier to explore a couple of noteworthy Melbournian areas.


Hosier Lane

Melbourne is known worldwide for its exclusive art culture, and Hosier Lane broadcasts this feature in all it’s glory. Often referred to as a public museum, the cobbled street laneway boasts beautiful, vibrant art pieces created with spray-paint which have since become a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike.


As one of many similar lanes within the city, Hosier Lane has altered the views of spray-paint art into a true, creative expression aside from the familiar negative connotation graffiti holds. These “hidden” Melbourne laneways are ever changing, and it is not uncommon to see something new each visit. On my visit I was excited to see an artist about to start a new piece of artwork!



Melbourne’s Southbank is a buzzing, cultural hub in the midst of the city, featuring the promenade which parallels alongs the Yarra River. These gorgeous views can be appreciated by the wide array of wining and dining options dispersed along the riverside.


Southbank is home to some of Melbourne’s most favoured attractions, such as the Melbourne Arts Centre, Concert Hall and Eureka Skydeck where you can see the city up above with 360 degree sweeping views. I especially love Southbank because there’s always something to see and do, and it’s certainly not bad on the eye!


All images are my own.


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