My First Breakfast Date

My First Breakfast Date

It was a beautiful autumn’s morning in the suburbs of Melbourne when my alarm promptly awoke me from sleep. In a daze I reached for my phone, silenced the music and sat up in my bed. This Saturday morning wasn’t like any ordinary morning, this morning I had a date. My very first breakfast date.


Sure, I wasn’t meeting a boy. (Sorry.) I was meeting up with one of my closest friends from high school, Bek, whom I appreciate dearly. She’s one of those people that light up your day from the moment they’re within about a 20-metre radius of you. (I’ve heard these gems are hard to find, so I’ve decided to keep her.)


As it had been a while since I saw her last, we decided we were certainly overdue for a catch up. As we pondered where we should go, we decided to take a bit of an exploratory drive into Greater Melbourne to Emerald, where a quaint little cafe called The General Food Store is located.

“How does 8:00am sound to you?”
“Sounds good to me!”

I was elated.


For those of you who know me well, breakfast is my unrivaled, favourite meal of the day. Whether it’s delectable poached eggs on toast or a vibrantly coloured fruit parfait, I’m ecstatic. In fact there have been many times where I have seriously considered switching out lunch for a take-two of breakfast.

There’s absolutely nothing better than waking up with the giddy excitement of knowing a hearty, delicious meal awaits you. Well, except for going somewhere else and having someone else prepare it all for you of course.


The General Food Store has a charming, urban feel. Decked out with beautiful hanging lights and fresh bakery displays, the Store radiates grace and elegance. On the main wall is a notice board featuring all the upcoming news and events by the month, which follows the menu’s theme that changes and evolves throughout the different seasons.

I was pretty excited when I saw the menu. It was tricky to decide as there were so many unique options, but I ended up choosing the pretty “Arabesque” (poached eggs, grilled halloumi, beetroot relish, hazelnut dukkah and baby spinach on toasted sourdough) and Bek ordered “A Juicy Pear” (homemade waffles, poached pear, coffee mascarpone, hazelnut and espresso syrup), both beautifully presented and deliciously mouthwatering.

IMG_0322aI mean, come on. Just look at that.

Aside from the slight improvement needed in service, I thoroughly enjoyed my flavour-packed morning meal. I will certainly be returning to try something else on the pretty menu for my breakfast date times two.

And I know what you’re thinking.. Yes. I did finish the entire meal.


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