A New Chapter

A New Chapter

Today has been such a surreal day. It also feels like the longest day of my life. 

cya later aus

You know the feeling when you’ve been counting down for a day for what feels like forever, and eventually that day arrives? I can’t explain it. I woke up just before my alarm and sat in bed, thinking “this is the last time till I don’t know when that I’ll be lying in my own bed”. That tonight still makes my arm hairs stand up. Nevertheless I sat there, in the peace and quiet and soaking up the moment. 

cya mate – johnny (aka coolest dog ever)

I got dressed and had breakfast in the company of my family and two friends, Anna and Lucrezia, who had both slept over. Over the last couple of weeks before my departure, I’ve caught up with the people who mean the most to me and have impacted my life in some way. I’ve been so encouraged by the blessing of community and those God has placed in my life. 

the final night

time capsule letters

On the way to the airport I’m not going to lie, I felt physically sick. It felt like any other drive, but my stomach was doing some serious somersaults. Checkin was stressful, but only because I began to realise the weight of it all. My parents suggested we get a coffee, and by then I had lost the emotion game. For me, I think the part I was daunting the most was saying goodbye.

emotional goodbyes

After about 45 minutes we went to the departure area, where I said “cya later” to my family. Such a very weird feeling. I ended up calling them right as I turned the corner. I’m actually so grateful for technology these days – I think I’d have to think extra hard about taking such a massive step if we were still communicating via snail mail. 

feeling a bit fancy in auckland

As I write this, I’ve got an hour before I arrive in Los Angeles. My three hour journey to Auckland was quick, and once I sat down on this second flight I was SO excited. It’s been for years since I’ve been back in california, and to me it’s like a second home. I can’t wait to be back. 

blue skies for days

The longest I’ve been away is one month. And even then I’ve usually met up with people I know along the way. When I think deeply about the decision to travel, I wonder if I’ve made the right decision and if I’ll be able to cope. I left without a definitive time to come home, which is generally not something I would do naturally. But I truly know that I have a Great Protector guiding my steps and I’m actually not alone. And what a wonderful adventure He has blessed me with, and that I get to experience.


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