California Part 1 & Utah Bound

California Part 1 & Utah Bound

What a whirlwind couple of days it has been so far. 

As I write, I’m back on an aeroplane overlooking the beautiful mountains of inner California. There’s something so special about overlooking earth from a higher location. It certainly gives a greater perspective of the world.

hot coffee in summer is not a good idea

Each time I look out the window, and as we leave Los Angeles, there just seems to be less and less “stuff” around. It’s crazy to think how many people and buildings are actually around the Southern California area. I was speaking with some friends yesterday about how many people live in Australia (23 million) compared to the individual state of California (almost 40 million). There are SO many people here!

huntington beach pier

On Sunday I arrived, and after taking my snow boots and hoodie off (yes, bad idea to wear those) I went straight to Jamba Juice (much like Boost in Aus but, dare I say, better) and then to the beach. I couldn’t think of a better way to start my journey. After settling in, there was nothing else more appropriate but to have In N Out for dinner. Oh; and a vanilla thick shake. Mm.

in n out

On a side note, I’m so glad I came here because it honestly feels like my second home here. For the first time, I didn’t fee immediately homesick once I arrived somewhere overseas. I’ve been on a high ever since I got here and I’m so grateful to be meeting friends that I haven’t seen in years.

The next morning I woke up and walking straight to Starbucks to meet a friend nearby. I ended up reading the newspaper (New York Times) which was interesting. I learned that the paper here goes by sections and numbers, for example sections A-D and then page numbers. Maybe we do it in certain papers in Aus too, but it was new to me. It’s the little things!

I also learned that there’s just as much talk here about the upcoming elections as there is in Australia (obviously).. I’ve even seen people with flags outside there houses stating who they’re voting for. Very fascinating. 

braided hair
hair after braiding. can it always be like this?!

Monday night I was stoked to visit the church that I met most of my friends for their young adults bible study. I ended up bumping into a few people I’d intended to meet later on my trip, and others I hadn’t seen in a really long time, for example a guy I met at a high school out here I visited when I wanted to “experience American high school” at 16. So fun!

lemonade at lemonade

Tuesday was a beautiful day and I got to visit one of my favourite places in the world, Huntington Beach. Even more exciting was the people I got to go with,Melody  and Rachel. I’ve probably met the pair of them once, if not twice before, but we’ve stayed in contact and have a lot in common. It’s so wonderful when you find people that you instantly click with (as is the case with many of my friends out here).

melody and me

We went to Rubys where I had a burger (again), sunbathed and “swam” (okay, we kicked water at each other and went up to our waists) and had super trashing lemonade at a place called Lemonafe (true dinks).

rachel and me

A theme so far had been trust. I’m learning to trust in the Lord first and foremost, relying on Him a lot more since I’m on my own. It’s scary but it’s also really refreshing. It’s hard to explain, but it’s awesome.

Utah, here I come!


4 thoughts on “California Part 1 & Utah Bound

  1. Wow! So cool to read about how your trip is going Haylie! Love the photos too! And for the record… it might seem weird… but I ALWAYS drink hot coffee *even in hot weather*! haha!!! But I usually have hot in the morning… and/or a cold frozen frappe in the afternoon! It takes getting used to though! ^_^

    David seems to be getting used to the hotter weather now & says he might be in shock when we go visit Australia in winter time. ^_^ We’ll see how it goes! hee-hee!

    Anyhow, you’re lookin’ great! Miss you bunches and praying that you’ll continue to have a blessed time with the lovely people around you! Love you lots! Have a wonderful time!


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