Outdoor Adventuring in Utah and Beyond

Outdoor Adventuring in Utah and Beyond

Utah was incredible. I can’t believe how beautiful the national parks were and how astonishing the views of the mountain ranges were. Honestly, the pictures in this post don’t even scratch the surface of how amazing the views were in person.

Things I learned on this trip were:

1. I love to hike

2. I love and appreciate the outside, mountain air

3. Squirrels, deer and chipmunks are the cutest animals I’ve ever seen

My first day in Utah I went to Kolob Canyon, which is technically a part of Zion but 40 miles north of the official National Park. It took us literally ten 10 minutes to get there, and it was very quiet and beautiful. We didn’t pass many other people at all.

The hike we did was a four hour round trip that had us sweeping through mountainous terrain and wading through little streams. In the end we were led to an amazing, wide-open cave that looked as if God Himself just scooped out a massive part of the earth. It was spectacular.

The second day my new friend Allegra and I decided to conquer Angels Landing. Again, this was a four hour round trip, and it’s super steep uphill. I was so motivated by the young kids and older people working their way up the hike!

Even after about 15 minutes of steep incline, the view was incredible so you can only imagine what it’s like at the end. The coolest thing about Angels Landing is that the last half mile is literally crawling up the side of a rock face. In fact, the have chains that you need to hold on to in order to get around, and 5 people have died from falling off the steep cliff edges.

Thankfully I made it to the top and it was AMAZING. It was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen in my life. Oh, and there were more squirrels up there too.

what an awesome view

The following day we adventures to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. At first I was thinking that it’d probably be pretty similar to Zion, but it was so unique. You are able to drive straight through Zion, whereas you literally look down into the Grand Canyon and can’t see the bottom. It’s so vast and deep, it gave me a picture of the lyric “Your love is deep, Your love is wide”.

Allegra and I enjoyed Zion so much that we ended up back there again on my last day. It was this day that I did the most difficult hike of my life.. 6 hours round trip up a mountain that reaches to 2100 feet (610 metres) in elevation.

The first three hours to get up the top were so hard, I honestly thought I was going to die of dehydration. Once we got to the top though I realised it was so worth it. And we made the most of it by laying up there for 2.5 more hours!

I also spent some awesome, refreshing time in California: here are some pics

eating sees candies
having so many dollar billz you feel rich
beautiful friends
california sunset
apple pie donut – it spilled out baked apple pieces!

I feel so blessed and I feel I learned so much in my short time in the States. I can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been up to and doing here in York, England also!


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