York – A New Beginning

York – A New Beginning

It’s been two weeks since I arrived in York, England for Bible College. In some ways it feels like it’s been 2 months, and in other ways like it’s been 2 days. 

This town is the epitome of what you envision when you think “England”. There’s so much history and so many stories from this little town, and it wears it in all of its glory in the beautiful buildings and architecture.


I’ve been so blessed by my classes and the people I’ve met here so far. It’s cool how God speaks to us and comforts us when we really choose to seek Him and draw near to Him. 

It’s pretty incredible to be living in a place that has so much history. Right by where I live are the city walls, which break off in certain parts but the parts that remain date back to 71AD (insane!). It’s pretty surreal.

I’ve been really encouraged by the heart of the people I’ve been meeting in my classes and who I’ve been forming with. You get pretty close to others when you’re living in the same room and house, and I’ve been learning a lot about myself and becoming more independent. I love the verse in the bible where it says “as iron sharpens iron”, because I feel that’s what I’m truly experiencing.

first wagamama experience
the flats

Something the Lord has been encouraging me with and I’ve been learning about is the story of Abraham. The Bible speaks so highly of him and commends his faith, but in Genesis it’s evident that he has moments where his faith lacks. For me it’s been a real comfort because while coming out here was a major step of faith, in the moments where my faith wavers it doesn’t mean that God stops loving me or that I’ve failed. Just like in the old testament, God will continue to guide me and keep me as long as I keep seeking Him everyday. 

coffee shop (yes that’s right)
community worship
pub grub


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