Blessings upon Blessings

Blessings upon Blessings

I don’t think I realized before coming to Bible College that a person could grow so much, or that I myself personally had so much growing and learning to do. Each and everyday I’m being taught something new. 

tea time

Early last week we had the opportunity to go to the beach out here. It reminded me so much of home; my heart flutters just to think about it. It definitely didn’t feel like we were in England. The sun was blazing and we got to enjoy beautiful fellowship and a delicious barbecue on the sand.

my friend lisa from germany
sam i am

It’s nice to be able to get off campus from time to time and get to know the people I’m living and studying with. I’ve been blessed by others and especially hearing their stories. It’s encouraging to hear how the Lord works in us individually and brings us to where we are in unique, special ways. In Psalm 33:15 it says, “God fashions this hearts individually, and considers all their works”. It’s been cool to see how He works through each one of us personally.

my wonderful roomies
pancakes in the park
my friend bridgette
i love this city

My classes have been progressing well over the last couple of weeks. I’m taking Job, Revelation, John and Missions. It’s cool to see how the Lord intertwines what I’m learning in each class to speak to my heart. I’ve also had the joy of leading worship for our class devotions and community worship sessions. There’s nowhere I feel closer to Jesus than when I lift up my voice to Him in song.

museum gardens (my fave)
morning light
shambles in the morning

The little, unexpected things on campus have been incredible too. I’ve been getting up early to have quiet time, have coffee and bible studies with friends and to pray with others. Before I came to York I admit I wasn’t really consistent with my morning devotions and being proactive about seeking the Lord consciously in all things. I’ve been learning the importance of this and I’ve seen the fruit of it.

coffee shop (my fave too)
york minster in the distance
study view

This week I’ve been experiencing so much of the joy of the Lord. Of course there are ups and downs, but I take comfort knowing that my God is constant in all things.


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